Transposition of EU Directive on Whistleblowing

Romania - Transposition of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing

October 23, 2019
In progress
Nov 2020

Romania: Webinar on transposition of the EU Directive and launch of the CivicAIP Network November 17, 2020

The Romanian civic network for whistleblowing (CivicAIP) has organizes a webinar on the process of transposition in Romania of the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law for November 19th, 2020. The panelists are representatives of the Ministry of Justice (institution responsible for the elaboration of the draft transposition law), the National Integrity Agency, and experts from the private and non-profit sectors. CivicAIP was established in 2020 by five NGOs from Romania active in promoting whistleblowing and anti-corruption policies. The purpose of the Network is to promote whistleblowing in Romania as a fundamental way to ensure a responsible work climate, characterized by integrity and the absence of any abuse and discrimination, in public and private organizations.

Oct 2020

Romania: TI Romania launches Business Integrity Country Agenda research report

TI Romania October 19, 2020

On the 19th of October 2020, Transparency International Romania launched the Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA) research report in Romania in which it evaluates, among others topics, the whistleblowing legal provisions and their implementation. The report has a recommendation on whistleblowing protection for the public sector and one recommendation for the private sector. The recommendation for the public sector states “Accompany the transposition of the European Whistleblowing Directive with clear recommendations and guidelines applicable to institutional procedures, in particular for public procurement departments, tax and customs agencies and other institutions carrying out administrative inspections. They are of special importance procedures to encourage whistleblowers reports, to investigate reported cases and to ensure confidentiality and anonymity of the reports”. The recommendation for the private sector: “national and international companies, especially if they have more than 50 employees, should establish mechanisms to ensure the anonymity and protection of whistleblowers report so as to encourage employees of all levels to report cases of corruption or other irregularities within the company.”

Apr 2020

Romania: Romanian Ministry of Justice establishes working group on the transposition of EU Whistleblowing Directive April 01, 2020

By Ministry of Justice Order no. 118/C/2020, Romanian Ministry of Justice (MoJ) set up the working group for the transposition of the Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law. The MoJ representatives participated to the DG Just expert group meetings on the transposition of the Directive in order to exchange information and good practices between MS