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About the Whistleblowing Meter:

In April 2019, the European Parliament adopted a game-changing Directive designed to protect whistleblowers across Europe. After the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament approved the new law, it came into force on 16 December 2019. Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law otherwise known as the 'EU Directive on Whistleblowing' must be transposed into the national law by the 27 EU Member States by the 17th of December 2021.

The EU Whistleblowing Meter was created by the Whistleblowing International Network to track the progress of transposition of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing across all 27 Member States over the next 18 months. It will be updated as and when we are made aware of any information through our voluntary team of country editors and other relevant sources.

About the Whistleblowing International Network:

The Whistleblowing International Network (WIN) is an international charity based in Scotland. WIN’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of civil society to protect public interest whistleblowers worldwide, to support the work of civil society in turning legal rights into active protection for whistleblowers, and to assist in ensuring that whistleblowing disclosures achieve lasting change in the public interest.

Meet our Volunteer Country Editors:

We are grateful for the support of our voluntary team of country editors who are helping us to keep track of the steps that are being taken in each of their countries to transpose the new EU Directive on Whistleblowing.

TBC – Austria
Michael Clarke – Belgium
Kalin Slavov – Bulgaria
Ivan Novosel & Klara Horvat – Croatia
Andreas Andreou – Cyprus
Lenka Svobodová – Czech Republic
Amalie Bang – Denmark
Carina Paju – Estonia
Miia Kannisto – Finland
Jean-Philippe Foegle – France
Thomas Kastning – Germany
Nikolas Leontopoulos – Greece
Krisztina Zala – Hungary
John Devitt – Ireland
Giorgio Fraschini – Italy
Inese Taurina – Latvia
Ingrida Kalinauskienė – Lithuania
Dimitrios Kafteranis – Luxembourg
Manuel Delia – Malta
Lotte Rooijendink – Netherlands
Marcin Waszak – Poland
Karina Carvalho – Portugal
Radu Nicolae – Romania
Sebastijan Peterka – Slovenia
Daniela Sojková – Slovakia
Simona Levi – Spain
Martin Jefflén – Sweden

Senior Steering Committee:

The EU Whistleblowing Meter is meant to serve as a tool to monitor progress and advocate for robust whistleblower protections across Europe. To ensure developments are shared widely and to keep track of the quality of efforts made nationally, the EU Whistleblowing Meter is overseen by a small steering group including:

Nick Aiossa, Deputy Director and Head of Political Integrity at Transparency International EU.
Martin Jefflén, President of Eurocadres and Convener of the WhistleblowerProtection.EU coalition.
Anna Myers, Executive Director, Whistleblowing International Network.

Use of Information:

If any information from the EU Whistleblowing Meter is to be used by journalists, academics or for commercial purposes, please provide a suitable citation to the EU Whistleblowing Meter. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact: info@whistleblowingnetwork.org.


The EU Whistleblowing Meter represents to the best of our knowledge the current state of transposition of each Member State. Despite our intention to update the EU Whistleblowing Meter as frequently as possible, we cannot guarantee that it will always represent the current state of transposition within every Member State. If you have information regarding any development or update on the transposition of EU Directive on Whistleblowing in any Member State, please contact us.

Contact Us:

If you have any information to share or any questions about the EU Whistleblowing Meter, please contact us here.