Transposition of EU Directive on Whistleblowing

Luxembourg - Transposition of the EU Directive on Whistleblowing

October 23, 2019
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Nov 2019

Luxembourg: Minister of Justice hints towards extended scope of whistleblowing law November 08, 2019

In a parliamentary question addressed to the Luxembourg Minister of Justice, concerning the channels for disclosure and the timeline of the transposition of the Directive, the Minister of Justice, Sam Tanson, in her response, gave important hints for the future transposition. Firstly, the Minister of Justice argued that Luxembourg is in favour of a system where a whistleblower would have the possibility to blow the whistle where he or she desires to (even directly to the public). This position was refused by the majority of Member States in the Council. Then, the Minister of Justice highlighted that Luxembourg will not limit the disclosures to EU law (as the Directive foresees) but it will extend its material scope to all national law. Finally, the Minister of Justice did not provide any details on the timeline of the transposition in Luxembourg. Parliamentary Question: Response from